Fuzion Live


From starting he’s musical journey at the tender age of 13 when that crazy Jungle / Drum & Bass sound was big in the early 90’s, to discovering Garage and becoming an avid follower of both scenes, and then stepping into the House scene in he’s adult years, Dweller has always valued forward thinking and pushed new music.

He has held shows on prestigious pirate radio stations and gained gigs in clubs across London & the Southeast, playing & making many different types of music either as Dweller or with collaborator Seizure under their Domestic Disturbance moniker.

Dweller’s first release was on the Krafted Underground imprint with the “Two Steps EP” and since then has signed over 30 tracks and remixes to Sweep The Floor Records, Wabantu Music, Krafted, LockerRoom Records, Yoonek Records, Poolside Future Records, , 18-09 Records & Dual Life.

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