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The place to be me

TP2BME Talkshow is LIVE, every other Tuesday night @ 8pm on Fuzionlive


The place to be me is a community interest company supporting young peoples’ needs up to the age of 18.

Our aim is to support young people who may be experiencing difficulties with their physical and mental wellbeing. We do this by supporting them to have new experiences, build confidence, acquire new skills in an environment that gives the ability to make new friends and be part of a growing community.

We are delighted to have partnered up with Fuzionlive to bring to you a youth led online radio show available to stream and download.

Radio gives young people a platform to build confidence and self-esteem, master emotions, find their unique voice to express opinions in a confident way, while encouraging a self-love, as they develop the best version of themselves.

Real conversations that are hard to discuss in a safe and supporting environment. Speaking about current topics that are relevant to their daily lives. We welcome any young person to our online community and wish to support their goals, whether this is as a radio presenter, DJ, or musician it may be that they wish to create their own show or helping others with content, interviewing guests, assisting with background production, creating surveys, and doing research for a specific topic we will be featuring on our digital platform.

We will also be speaking with special guests, members of our team, parents etc.. so keep your eyes peeled for info on who we’ll be having on… and if you feel that you, a friend, or a young person you know may benefit from this show, be it listening or getting involved… please share, everyone needs to know they are not alone.


To find out more about us and what we do check out our website & socials:





Missed our show? Head over to our downloads section and find it there!