Fuzion Live


It was 1975 and i didnt just pop out i was out out! Born and raised in Walthamstow, grew up listening to music like 80s Soul, Electro, Hip-hop & Rock, but if my ears likey then i likey.

It wasn’t until 1986 my parents moved to Romford.  2-3 year’s later i was into my Acid/ 88-89 House, but i then saw a light and that light was the Hardcore scene, which took me under its wing and a raver was born!!!!

90-94  Hardcore, Jungle & DnB, records bought from Boogie Times, Nicky Black Market & Music Power ……… Nothing better than playing your own music on radio and knowing theres listeners loving the music.

Over my time spent on Fuzionlive i’ve met other fuzion dj’s & played along side some, with the likes of Martin T, Armour Mac (my Mac’apedia when it comes to music) & The DJ RM  who has put me onto playing at Ministry of Sound & Lightbox. And it would be a pleasure to play along side other DJ’s from Fuzionlive…


One love to all family, crew & management.


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